Q&A of Storm2 Power Bank

Q&A of Storm2 Power Bank

Question:Does this support Quick Charge 5.0 Protocall?
Answer:Thanks for asking. The STORM2 power bank can support QC3.0, which enables the USB-A port can reach up to 30W max. It can not support QC5.0. Hope that clears up your doubts.

Question:Since the batteries are not user replaceable, when they no longer hold a full charge we just throw the device away?
Answer:Replacing the battery is a complicated project and will damage the outlook of the portable charger, so we suggest not to do that. The battery pack has 80% life after 800 cycles. Even if you put a full charge once a day, it can be used for two years, and the battery will still be healthy.

Question:How was the power bank? Was it the same as the picture?
Answer:Yes, it arrived looking substantially as pictured. The part of the case over the circuit board is quite clear. The area with the batteries seems to have an inner case, so darker while still allowing the printing on the batteries to be read.

Question:I'll try a second time: After the battery pack no longer holds a full charge, you throw your $200 produc into the trash?
Answer:An Anker portable power bank this size is $50. The real question is why would you throw away $150 on a little screen and a see-thru case?
Clearly, it's not only possible to unscrew the case and remove the cells, but fairly easy. Of course, the manufacturer of ANY rechargeable battery pack cannot endorse customer self-repair or replacement for liability reasons.
No. You’re not supposed to trash batteries. (Regular or rechargeable) They need to be disposed of properly.

Can you get matching yellow usb a and dc cables somewhere?
Answer:yes, just keep looking.

Question:Can this power bank be charged with an external charger while charging another device simultaneously?
Answer:Hi, the power bank can achieve charging and discharging simultaneously. But it needs to meet the following requirement: the input power is greater than the output power, the battery power is greater than 50%, and the cell temperature is lower than 55 ℃. Please check your power battery when charging and discharging.

Question:Does this have a minimum voltage requirement? Some of my devices draw nominal power and won't charge with certain batteries.
Answer:Hi, Thanks for asking. The minimum voltage of this STORM2 power bank is 3.3V. Please check if your devices can meet this requirement

Question:Where can I purchase the "solar panel attachment" shown in the video?
Answer:Hi, we are sorry that the solar panel is not available now. The other solar panels can also charge the STORM2 portable charger as long as the interface is suitable. You could try with other solar panels.

Question:What is the dc male adapter connection name/spec,and what female->male adapter is needed?
Answer:Hi,Thanks for asking. we recommend a DC5525 to DC charging cable for you. DC5525 is fit for STORM2 power bank. The other dc port should be selected according to your dell laptop model.

What is the power output when charging a macbook 16in? is it 100w? and does it charge a macbook 16in in full?
Answer:If your MacBook support PD fast charging, then it can offer full power output.
The energy of our STORM2 power bank is 93.2Wh. So it can charge your MacBook to at least 90% when the MacBook is not in use.

Question:Will this device work in Australia ?
Answer:Dear customer,
Thanks for asking. This Shargeek STORM2 power bank can also work in Australia when using the compatible charger.

Question:Is this waterproof?
Answer:The STORM2 power bank is not waterproof. The structural frame of this product makes it can not achieve waterproof. Please keep away from water when using.

Question:are they compatible with samsung phones or all kinds of phones?
Answer:Yes it's capable with all devices. I used it to charge my drone, go pro 10, samsung note 20 ultra and also dji action cameras and pocket 2 cameras while I'm away from home or hotel. And it's super fast too.
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