Introduction of SICUBE UV Projectors

SICUBE UV Projectors are a series of high-precision optical and photoelectric components that use DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology to project ultraviolet (UV) light for various applications. SICUBE is a professional manufacturer from China that specializes in design, production, and coating for high-precision optics and photoelectric components.

SICUBE UV Projectors can be used for resin 3D printing, structured-light 3D scanning, and super-resolution structured illumination microscopy. These applications require high accuracy, resolution, and stability of the UV light source. SICUBE UV Projectors offer different models with different wavelengths (405nm/385nm/365nm/460nm), resolutions (4K/Full HD/HD), and lenses (fixed focus/wide image) to meet different needs.

Some of the features of SICUBE UV Projectors are:

  • High brightness and uniformity of the UV light

  • Long lifespan and low power consumption of the LED light source

  • Compact and lightweight design

  • Easy integration and control with external devices

  • Customizable parameters and functions

SICUBE UV Projectors are suitable for various industries and fields that need high-quality UV projection systems, such as 3D printing, 3D scanning, biometric identification, 3D imaging, medical imaging, and moreSICUBE also provides online shop, support, and contact services for its customers

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