Principle of DLP 3D Printing Technology

Principle of DLP 3D Printing Technology

In 1981, Hideo Kodama of the Nagoya Industrial Research Institute invented 3D printing of solid models using light cured polymers. In 1987, Larry Hornbeck of Texas Instruments (TI) created DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology. Digital Light Processing (abbreviated as DLP) came into being more than ten years after SLA technology appeared.

It is also the second generation of light curing molding technology recognized by the industry, with a history of more than 20 years. DLP technology is a rapid prototyping technology that uses a projector to solidify photosensitive polymer liquid layer by layer to create 3D printed objects. This forming technology first uses the slicing software to cut the model into thin slices, and the projector plays the slides. Each layer of image is cured by photopolymerization reaction in the area where the resin layer is very thin, forming a thin layer of parts. Then the forming table moves one layer, and the projector continues to play the next phantom, and continues to process the next layer. This cycle is so that the printing is completed, so not only the forming precision is high, but also the printing speed is very fast.

As one of the high-end printing technologies, DLP printing technology is highly concerned by the industry through continuous optimization and progress. Industrial and desktop products began to appear. Its core technology, DMD chip, is also constantly updated and iterated. Although the latest research is dozens of times shorter in printing time, it not only has advantages in molding precision and speed, but also has great advantages in equipment size and price. As the number of customers has increased, it has constantly attracted many enterprises to stop, truly opening the door to the development of DLP printing technology.SICUBE is one of them who offer the main core UV DLP projector for DLP 3D printers.


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