Transparent version power bank? This is the Sharge 130W visual power bank

Some time ago, I saw that many friends were posting a transparent power bank, which seemed very popular.


It happened that I saw a public test activity of this charging treasure on the 360 public test platform, so I applied for it. Therefore, at the beginning of the article, I would also like to thank 360 Public Test for the product support provided.

This power bank is a 130W visual power bank from Sharge

Let's take a look at its appearance first. The overall shell of the power bank is made of fully transparent PC one-piece injection molding material, and the overall workmanship is very delicate.

 When I hold this power bank in my hand, the first thing I can feel is that it feels very good in the hand, and it has weight without feeling cumbersome.

Through the inside of the PC shell, we can clearly see that the electronic components of the power bank are arranged on the circuit board. I have to say that as a pure straight man, it is difficult to resist such a technological design.

This also shows from the side that Sharge is very confident in the manufacturing process of its own products. After all, all electronic components are placed on the "bright surface". If there is any flaw in the process of production and processing, it will be directly seen by the user.

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There is a USB-A interface at the bottom of the power bank, which supports 30W charging, and a USB-C interface, which supports 100W charging. The combination has a total of 130W charging power.


It is actually measured that when charging the iPhone, the fast charge of the iPhone can be activated, and it takes about 30 minutes to charge the phone with more than 50% of the power. (ps. charge from low battery)


And according to officials, in the case of moderate use of the iPhone 13, this power bank can provide the phone with about 1 week of battery life.

So in order to test the battery life of this power bank, I used this power bank for a week. I usually go to work at 9:00 in the morning, and at 1-2:00 in the afternoon, my mobile phone battery is less than 30% (because almost all work is done by mobile phones).


At this time, I will use this power bank to charge my mobile phone. Almost every day, I only need to plug it into the power bank for half an hour, and the power of the mobile phone is enough to last until I get home at night.


It may be that I use it sparingly. After using it for a week, the power bank can still have about 45% of the power left. However, everyone's mobile phone battery health is different, and the usage scenarios are different, so my usage data can only be given to Everyone makes a reference.

To sum up, this power bank is very good in terms of workmanship. What I like most is the screen and data monitoring function on the front, which can satisfy my "spying desire" when charging the phone. The 20000mAh automotive-grade battery is enough for someone like me who uses mobile phones moderately..

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