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140W Shargeek Quick Charging PD3.1 GaN Charger(10pcs/pack)

140W Shargeek Quick Charging PD3.1 GaN Charger(10pcs/pack)

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Shargeek PD3.1 charger can provide 140W power via USB 3.1 port (USB-C1). It can fast charge the latest MacBook Pro (2021) to 50% battery power within 30 minutes. Powerful enough to charge your phones and laptops, maximizing your work efficiency.

Multiple Output: With 2xUSB-C and 1xUSB-A ports, Shargeek equips a dynamic power distribution policy to handle the power outputs for up to three devices. It can quickly charge your latest MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone at the same time. No MORE POWER ANXIETY with Shargeek S140 charger.

Compatibility: Shargeek S140 comes with the most advanced PD3.1 IC and MPS1211, it supports major fast-charging protocols such as PD 3,1, QC 3.0, Huawei SCP/FCP etc.

PFC + LLC: With the integrated PFC circuit, LLC topology and Shargeek's unique ZLS (Zero Loss Switching) technology, Shargeek S140 PD 3.1 charger maximizes its charging performance via pursuing an ultimate charging efficiency.

Control Heat: Featuring a much more compact design, Shargeek advances its solution for cooling. Inserting thermal conduction material and thermal insulation material to aid in heat dissipation. Its corrugated enclosure expands the cooling area while reducing the surface of contact with hands, delivering better performance and user experience.


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