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7mm CdS Photoresistors(1000pcs/pack)

7mm CdS Photoresistors(1000pcs/pack)

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7mm 50K-75K CdS PhotoCell ,Fast Response time CdS Photo Resistor,High Dark Resistance Light Dependent Resistor


The CdS photoresistor (also known as a light-dependent resistor, LDR, or photo-conductive cell) is a passive component that decreases resistance with respect to receiving luminosity (light) on the component's sensitive surface. The resistance of a photoresistor decreases with an increase in incident light intensity; in other words, it exhibits photoconductivity. 

Effectively build your device to indicate the absence and presence of light for its functions.

This impressive LDR is one of the best light dependent resistors you’ll find on the internet. Great for use in many applications, you’ll find this photoresistor to be one of the best LDRs you will purchase from us. Built using the most advanced technology and top-of-the-line materials, this light dependent resistor gives more value for your money.

  • 100% Trusted: We handpick the suppliers we work with and guarantee our customers nothing but the best quality products. This light dependent resistor comes from one of our trusted electronics suppliers who’s been in business for decades.
  • Value for your money: Each pack contains 1000 LDRs, giving you all the photoresistors you need to work on big projects.
  • Quality and Performance Guaranteed: We understand these electrical components will play a vital role in your work. Expect that we’re here to bring you the best electronics products you’ll find on the internet.

Full Specs:

  • Absolute Maximum Ratings 
  • Allowable Power Dissipation ・・・・ 60 mW ( at 25 °C ) 
  • Maximum Applied Voltage [DC] at Dark ・・・・ 150 VDC 
  • Operating Temperature Range ・・・・ -20~+70 °C 
  • Storage Temperature Range ・・・・ -30~+80 °C
  • Photo-electric Characteristics ( at 25 °C )
  • Light Resistance: 50-75k   ( at 10 Lux ) RL 5 Gamma Value (γ at 10 Lux / 1 Lux ) γ 
  • Dark Resistance: 10M-60M(10 sec. after blocking 400 Lux light/ Applied voltage: RD 15V)
  •  Measuring condition:
  • Light-source color temperature: 2856±100 K
  • Ambient condition:Temperature 25±5 °C, Humidity 65±15%RH3.

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