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Desktop Laser Welder, Portable Laser Welding Machine for Jewelry

Desktop Laser Welder, Portable Laser Welding Machine for Jewelry

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The desktop laser jewelry welding machine is composed of YAG pulse laser, laser power supply, imported optical system, built-in integrated water-cooling system, CCD observation system etc.,

The laser welder for jewelry Adopts the laser power supply and welding system and is equipped with the dual observation mode of HD microscope and CCD camera. It is the first laser welder embed the manual voice function, and the information such as startup and process status can be broadcast by human voice in real time. Is the company's first embedded artificial intelligence product.

This series of desktop laser welding products for jewelry Mainly used in jewelry, hardware, electronic components, 3C communication, crafts and other industries. They can repair and weld all kinds of metals and alloys, spot weld lines, splicing, embedded troops and other welding; such as stainless steel, copper, gold, silver, K gold and so on.Necessary welding tools for jewelry processing shops, specialty shops, factories or school scientific research laboratories


Built-in self-developed laser host, Stable and reliable

Integrated design, beautiful appearance, generous; small volume, light weight
7inch TFT true color touch screen, parameters setting and CCD monitor integrated

Support 6 languages (international version)- customizable language
Electric speed expansion adjustment

Imported optical components, the use of the UK imported ceramic condenser cavity, condenser cavity life (8-10 years), xenon lamp life can reach more than 8 million times

Equipped with 100X100X150 manual lifting platform

Built-in air-cooling system, continuous working ability for several hours, stable working performance of the machine

Independently developed laser controller and CCD visual monitoring system

Specialized UI and software interface, strong R & D team

Artificial speech system; Real-time alarm and prompt

Support irregular software upgrade stage, access to cloud and remote monitoring Application fields




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