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10pcs Newest Portable Solar Power Bank Charger

10pcs Newest Portable Solar Power Bank Charger

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Portable Solar Power Bank for Outdoor Life ,24000mAh Large Capacity Battery ,Fast Charging Solar Power Bank for Camping

Large Capacity Battery | Fast Charging | High Power | Foldable


This is a 24000mAh Portable Power Bank Charger with 4 foldable solar panels that allows you to charge your phones and tablets anytime, anywhere. It provides fast charging output under light coverage. Follow the instructions and use this device safely in your outdoor activities.

Designed to be lightweight, compact and portable. The ultra-lightweight solar charger is perfect for hiking, camping or any outdoor activity. This 24000mAh solar panel panel can recharge your smartphones, tablets and other USB-enabled devices on the go without having to plug in.

DEXPOLE's 24000mAh Power Bank , which is fully charged through the 4 solar panels at a total input solar power of 24W and both the output power and the input charge power is 65W.

We’re also incredibly proud of our new power bank product which can be used anywhere at any time! DEXPOLE can be left on the windowsill or can be placed on your car, or just leave it on the ground while hiking, cycling, or paddling through the wilderness. This handy device is perfect for camping trips or tackling adventures if you lose access to a wall outlet.

  • Lightweight and Compact: Carry 4 foldable solar panels with you and never feel weighed down. This ultra-lightweight solar panel for your power bank is designed to make every step of the way as easy as possible.
  • Packed with Power: Conveniently receive and convert a generous amount of sunlight into stored energy. This portable solar Power Bank boasts a wide coverage area that will generate optimum power, making it the best solar power bank for both personal and professional use.
  • Perfect for when you’re outdoors: When it gets dark and the clouds move in, this solar charger can charge itself when exposed to sunlight. And since it's made of waterproof silicone material, it can simply be used outside. So don't wait any longer.


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