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Industrial 13.56Mhz Modbus RFID HF Reader/Writer with Cable

Industrial 13.56Mhz Modbus RFID HF Reader/Writer with Cable

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Product Introduction

THS420 and THS520 are industrial-grade RFID piece counting collectors (RFID readers), the whole machine is designed with ABS material, with good anti-drop, anti-collision and other characteristics, widely used in the asset information collection, intelligent measurement, timing, sorting and other scenarios of the assembly line, and is a high-frequency intelligent data collection equipment with a perfect replacement for manual work. And integrate the efficient signal processing algorithm independently developed by our company to realize the fast reading and writing operation of RFID electronic tags.

The equipment can communicate directly with the engineering computer, MCU main control board, mainstream PLC, etc., and has two card reading modes: mode 1, active card reading automatic upload mode, after setting, it is in the active card reading state, and the RFID electronic tag enters the reading area to collect data and automatically upload data. Mode 2, command control mode, belongs to the master-slave control mode, the upper computer sends control instructions, the RFID device reads, and the data is uploaded after collecting the RFID electronic tag information.

The device integrates a near-field antenna, with an effective identification distance of 0~16cm (the specific distance is related to the RFID tag form and specifications), has a variety of communication interfaces (RS-232, RS-485, TCP network port), stable reading and writing, supports a variety of high-frequency RFID protocols, easy to install, etc., and can be widely used in production lines, logistics sorting, automated factories and other fields.


· Multi-protocol reading of M1, 15693, Ntag21x tags

· Supports automatic upload of any data in the configuration card

· Readers can set internal upload keys

· Up to 14KB user flash and key storage  

· The RS485 interface model supports multi-device cascade reading, and the address and station number can be freely configured 

· The TCP network port supports multi-device networking and can freely configure IP addresses

· RS232, RS485, TCP network port three optional

· Among them, the TCP network port is divided into two types: power supply adaptation power supply and POE power supply

· Provide intelligent debugging application software and instruction set development documentation

· Industrial-grade anti-interference design can be widely used in various industrial scenarios


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