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5pcs M26 Quality RFID UHF Reader Modules

5pcs M26 Quality RFID UHF Reader Modules

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The M26 RFID UHF reader modules is a integraded GB 920~GB925 Mhz, FCC 902~928MHZ frequency.The RFID card reading module comes with CPU control without secondary programming, and the communication interface adopts 232 level serial port or TTL level serial port or USB, power supply can be 5V DC voltage or USB power supply.

◆  easy to install, widely used and easy to develop.
◆  provides a secondary development package, including test software, instructions for use, and application routines.
◆ It can be seamlessly connected with any system, no need to install additional drivers, only need to connect VCC,TX, RX, GND four wires can be communicated.
◆ 5V DC power supply, computer USB power supply, can meet the requirements of most control boards Beg.
◆ Humanized design, with controllable buzzer, on-board power LED light/card reading LED indicator,It is convenient to check the power-on status and card reading response status.
◆ Complete functions, simple development, support reading ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio frequency card card number or sector information.
◆ It has broad application prospects in various industries such as logistics, retail, and identity recognition.

Support Protocols :EPC global UHF class 1Gen 2, ISO 18000-6C and GB/T29768-2013
Supports card:  ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio frequency cards
Operating system: Windows98, XP, Win7, 8, 2003, LIUNX, UNIX, Android
The reading distance is 0~20cm
The card reading time < 300ms
The communication rate is 115200bps
The RF antenna is welded with an ultra-high frequency antenna and an external antenna interface
Communication interface: Uart TTL, RS232, USB
The working voltage is supplied with 5V
The working current is 80mA~200mA
Working frequency: GB 920~GB925MHZ, FCC 902~928MH
Working environment temperature(-40°C~70°C) Humidity(10%~95%)
Indicator LED
Built-in horn buzzer
Net weight/gross weight 22.6g
Product size: motherboard: 58mm×34mm

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