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FR320 Industrial RFID Reader-Writer module

FR320 Industrial RFID Reader-Writer module

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FR320 RFID reader-writer module is a high-stability non-contact industrial-grade card reading and writing equipment, which has the characteristics of easy to use, sealing, good heat dissipation, high receiving sensitivity, stable performance and strong reliability.

Product Features:

Support RS485/LAN interface communication, support Modbus protocol

Supports ISO/IEC 15693 and ISO 18000-3M1 or IEC 14443A

The effective read/write distance reaches 90mm (data source: NXP ICODE card, no other interference environment at room temperature)

Built-in LED indicator

ABS engineering plastic shell, resistant to 1.2m drop height

Provide a complete dynamic link library as well as presentation software



◆Interface type: M12 5-pin end, M12 8-pin end, 4-pin diffuse wire

◆ Follow the standard: ISO15693/IEC 14443A

◆ Communication protocol: MOSBUS

◆ Sensing range

Reading distance: 0~30mm (depending on the performance of the tag and the use environment)

Writing distance: 0~30mm (depending on the performance of the carrier and the use environment)

◆ Read and write time

Read a Block: 25ms

Write a Block: 30ms

◆ Working voltage: DC12~28V, POE

◆RF power: 0.5W-1W

◆ Signal indication: LED

◆Communication interface: RS485/LAN

◆Operating temperature: -20°C~75°C

◆ Housing Material: ABS

◆Size: φ30×88.5mm, φ30×67.5mm

◆ Protection level: IP67

◆ Certification standards: CE, ROHS

Typical Applications:

The industrial RFID read/write sensor module is widely used in production automation, tool management, production line data collection, etc

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