nano-scale UV projector

UV DLP Projector for Nano-Scale 3D Printing

SM11-NS UV DLP Projector is a DLP Projecor for Micro and Nano-Scale Resin 3D Printing Base on 2K Resolution SM11 DLP Projector With a Special Projector Lens.

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Structured Light Projector

DLP Projector for Structured-Light 3D Scanner

SICUBE offers Professional DLP Projectors for Structured-Light 3D Scanner and Super-Resolution Microscopy applications to many Famous Universities .

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SM12 4K UV DLP projector

UV DLP Projector for 4K 3D Printing

High Power 4K Resolution 0.66 DMD UV DLP Projector for Resin 3D Printing ,Good for High Power and High Precision UV Curing Printing Applications.

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365nm UV DLP Projector

365nm UV DLP Projector for Biology

UV 365nm DLP Projector is A Compact DLP Light Engine Which Can Be Utilized In The Fields of Resin 3D printers, Biology and Science.

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TIR Prisms and RTIR Prisms

SICUBE Can Produce Various Sizes of TIR and RTIR Prisms for DLP Projection Optical Systems, Suitable for 0.2, 0.3, 0.45, 0.47, 0.65, 0.95-Inch DMD Chips.

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