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10pcs M11 dual-band RFID reader modules

10pcs M11 dual-band RFID reader modules

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M11 RFID reader modules adopts 13.56MHZ monolithic composite microprocessing technology, which effectively improves the stability of CPU operation and has the ability to automatically reset to prevent jamming. THE MODULE HAS THE ABILITY TO READ 125KHZ LOW-FREQUENCY ID CARD AND 13.56MHZ
The high-frequency ISO14443-A protocol IC card supports a variety of communication interface options and has a complete set of serial communication protocol instructions.

Technical parameters

    Communication interface: USB communication, Uatr TTL communication, RS232 communication, RS485 communication, Wiegand communication;
    Card reading distance: ID card 3-4cm IC card 3-5cm;
    Card reading time: 1S;
    Protocol standards: uEM, IEC/ISO 14443A;
    Supported card types: ISO 14443 Type A Mifare standard contactless card types and TK/EM series low-frequency cards;
    Card reading method: active card reading and passive card reading;
    Card number format: support tool settings or protocol settings;
    Operating Voltage: DC5V±5%;
    Operating system: windowsXP, 7, 8, 10, Linux, Android, MCU;
    Working environment: Temperature: -10°C~50°C; Relative humidity: 5%~93% (non-condensing);
    Storage Environment: Temperature: -20°C~60°C; Relative humidity: 5%~95% (non-condensing);
    Status Reminder: LED indicator, controllable buzzer;
     Product size: 50mm×30mm;   
    Other features: Provide serial communication protocol instructions, support Android system and single-chip microcomputer development;



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