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Immersion liquid cooling all-in-one system for 5G BBU and customized small liquid cooling systems

Immersion liquid cooling all-in-one system for 5G BBU and customized small liquid cooling systems

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ILC is a liquid cooled heat dissipation method that uses coolant as a thermal conductive medium to completely immerse heating electronic components in the coolant, allowing the heating components to directly contact and exchange heat with the coolant.
According to whether there is a phase change in the coolant during the heat exchange process, it can be divided into two types: single-phase liquid cooling and phase change liquid cooling.

We can provide customized small liquid cooling systems for edge computing and special environments. Our advantage is that we have solved the problem of coolant sealing. We can provide a complete set of solutions and equipment, including servers, cooling systems, and air coolers. Not only can we effectively improve pue, but also can prevent dust, moisture, and noise. The system can be remotely maintained and has been tested for long time trouble free operation.

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pain points of 5G base stations:

High power consumption
Equipment intensive
Difficulty in heat dissipation
Small space Strong noise
Not moisture-proof and dustproof

Our 5G BBU liquid cooling tank supports the operation of 5 or 10 BBUs on the network, with a total power support of 5kW and 10kW equipment. The outdoor units have models that adopt overall redundancy mode and component redundancy models. In addition, according to the layout of the outdoor heat dissipation space, the fan dry cooler can be separated from the circulation control equipment. The outdoor unit or fan dry cooler can be hung on the exterior wall or balcony like the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, enhancing its adaptability to the deployment environment.

After eight years of testing, our liquid cooling system has received unanimous praise from communication operators



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