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SM7-405A 405nm UV DLP Projector for resin 3D Printer

SM7-405A 405nm UV DLP Projector for resin 3D Printer

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UV DLP Projector SM7-405A for 3D Printer ,UV Curing Printing and Structured Light Microscope, 405nm UV LED with Power Adapter and HDMI Cable UV Projector

A small and slim yet powerful UV projector system that can be utilized in various fields of 3D printing and structured light applications.

The UV DLP projector by SICUBE is a compact DLP light engine designed for 3D printers, super resolution microscope, and other fields of biomedical sciences. The hardware uses TI DLP display and drive technology to provide high resolution images, while the software provides a developing platform to satisfy various users.

  • Optimum Projection: With a highly optimized optical system at wavelength of 405nm, the projector delivers high brightness and high accuracy, perfect to use inside laboratories.
  • Built for Quality and Reliability: This projector is manufactured to ensure quality and consistency, providing consistent illumination and durability for all types of 3D printing jobs.
  • Best for scientific industrial work environment: The UV DLP Projector SM7-405A is equipped with a high performance, high quality lens and photoelectric components to ensure that the images projected are crisp and crystal clear.


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