About Us

Our company was founded in 2013 by professionals who have been engaged in the production and sales of industrial products for many years, with the aim of relying on China's strong manufacturing capacity to provide high-quality and high-reliability sensors and module products for international small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.

With the continuous development of the Internet, the procurement and sales model of industrial products has been different from the past, and the ordinary B2B method cannot provide better services for international buyers. In order to solve the customized sample and batch needs of end enterprise customers, we have established this online store for industrial enterprise customers to provide one-stop procurement, so that they can not only get customized samples at a low price and conveniently, but also get a large discount on bulk purchases.

Our slogan is less is more and do professional things, we focus on sensors and modules used in industrial production, with a variety of private label and industrial products of well-known brands in the industry, including RFID modules, camera modules, gas sensor modules, flame sensor modules, laser modules, human detection modules, projector modules,optics module and so on.

If you have specific needs for such products, you can contact us directly by email.