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1000pcs Quality Metal Sealed CdS Photoresistors( Metal Cap Light Dependent Resistors)

1000pcs Quality Metal Sealed CdS Photoresistors( Metal Cap Light Dependent Resistors)

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Hermetically sealed metal photoresistors by SICUBE are special CdS photo resistors set in an airtight environment with a special metal and glass window. The closed environment is filled with nitrogen, which completely isolates the photoresistor from the outside world, thus effectively extending its life cycle. It is broadly applied in high/low temperaturse, high humidity, acid, alkali, and ultraviolet environments. SICUBE creates all kinds of metal sealed photoresistors (LDRs). The 6.5mm metal photoresistor is the most popular one in the market.


6.5mm Diameter Metal Sealed CdS photocell,Photo-Resistor by SICUBE,500pcs / lot

Our version of the best photoresistor you’ll find on the internet.

As a brand with a mission to be one of the leading providers of affordable and effective electronics to people and businesses, we knew we had to be hands-on. This 8.5mm metal-sealed photoresistor is one of our creations and we’re proud to bring it to businesses who need them. Made using the best quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques by people who have years of relevant experience.

  • The finest materials: While we’re selling LDRs from suppliers, we wanted ours to stand out in terms of quality. This Sicube photoresistor is made from the finest materials we could find to bring you the best LDR you’ll find in our store.
  • Value for your money: Each pack contains 500 of our LDRs, giving you all the photoresistors you need to work on big projects.
  • Sealed Photoresistors: We understand your need for these sealed photoresistors. Expect each one to have its own air-tight metal cover, sealed with a small glass window. Filled with nitrogen, expect these light dependent resistors to be closed off from the outside world.

Full Specs:

  • Light resistance: Measured at 10 Lux with standard light A (2854K color temperature) and 2hr illumination at 400-600 lux prior to testing.

  • Dark Resistance: Measured 10 seconds after closing 10 lux.

  • Gamma Characteristic: Between 10 lux ande 100 lux and given by

  • γ = lg(R10/R100)

  • R10、R100 Cell resistance at 10 lux and 100 lux.

  • The error of γ is ± 0.1.

  •  Pmax: Max. power dissipation at ambient temperature of 25 °C.

  • Vmax: Max. voltage in darkness that may be applied to the cell continuously.

Bulk orders please contact info@si-cube.com for more discount.

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